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Site clearing involves removing of plants, trees, bushes and shrubs from a site. It also involves scrapping away the vegetation layers from an area. With our efficient team and appropriate machinery we provide stress-free and quick services to clear out the site for new construction projects. Our services are available for any size of job. Whether you are a private individual who needs clearing of a block for their new house construction or a property developer who need to clear acres of land for a new manufacturing plant or industry, you can always call us on 0405092779 for our reliable services. We have got all the latest and modern machinery and a team of expert operators who can complete your job in one go. 

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Machinery We Use for Land Clearing in Sydney

As site clearing involves removing and clearing of various type of things including trees, bushes, shrubs, plants and vegetation so the machinery requirements for the job vary according to the condition of soil, size of area and rubbish to be removed. Here at Excavation Sydney the machinery we use include large excavators, bulldozers, drotts, chainsaws, bobcats and other heavy machinery with suitable attachments. We take pride in using innovative methods, up to date technology, latest and modern tools and equipment to complete the job with precision and accuracy to surpass the expectations our clients. 

Team at Excavation Sydney

Backed by with decades of experience in the excavation and land clearing industry our team is fully qualified and trained for any kind of job. Our professional operators are known for their innovative ideas to complete the job with ease and in time. We keep our team up to date with the latest knowledge of field by conduction workshops and training sessions. Our expert members of the team provide on-site assistance and cost effective solutions for the job. You can fill out our easy and simple online form to contact our team. One of our experts will get back to you with answers to your queries in no time. 


How Much Does Site Clearing Cost in Sydney?

There is no fixed price formula for site clearing cost. The cost for site clearing depends on multiple factors including:

– The magnitude of project

– Size of land

– Condition of soil

– The number of plants, shrubs and trees on the site

– The height and diameter of trees

– Number of dips and hills on the site

– What kind of debris or rock is there (whether it can damage the machinery or not)

– The kind of trees according to their hardness and many others. 

However we can provide you with a general estimate for site clearing cost.

– Clearing of plain site with few trees and light vegetation and bushes costs around $20-$200 per acre

– Clearing of sloppy site with heavy and overgrown shrubs and few trees costs around $500-$2000 per acre

– Clearing of heavily wooded area costs around $3000-$5000 per acre. 

Here at Excavation Sydney, we provide land clearing services in affordable prices. We are the most reliable company with the most reasonable and cost effective prices without compromising the quality of work in the excavation industry. 

If you want to get an estimate cost for your site clearing you can always send us an email at ExcavationsSydney.com.au@gmail.com. One of your expert team member will pay you a visit on site for consultation and you can get a free and upfront quote regarding the cost of your site clearing. 

Our site clearing services also include clearing of waste material after any type of excavation and grubbing. 


Waste Removal Services in Sydney

Excavation Sydney offers services from the on-site assistance to start of excavation, land clearing, grubbing and site clearing. We do not only provide excavation, rock sawing, earthmoving or demolition services. Our job is not done until we clear the land for the commencement of construction. Excavation Sydney is your one stop for all kind of services. We understand that excavation, earthmoving, rock sawing and demolition and land clearing services produce a huge amount of dust, noise and waste material which can be disturbing not only for you but for your neighbours as well. We know how the waste present on site can become a hurdle in the way of your construction work. It can become a hindrance for site engineers or construction workers and can cause difficulty for them to continue their job. But with Excavation Sydney at your service there is no need to worry. Our efficient team from site clearing wing will be side by side with other operators at the site to clear the waste material immediately. Our team will handle the job in a quick manner and dumb the waste material in council approved sites, following all the laws and regulations.

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Professionalism is the core of our business and handling the work with utmost proficiency at domestic and commercial level is what we are best at. Our aim is to provide the best and top quality excavation and demolition services with safety and efficiency to our Sydney clients. Reach us now at 0405092779 to get 100% guaranteed work.